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I don't have an ATS-V yet but I'm looking. They seem to go off the market before I can get a look at them. I did test drive a '16 while in CA last week. probably don't want a '16 from what I've read. I looked at a '17 on my way thru Las Vegas last week. It didn't look bad but someone had deleted the muffler. I think I would prefer to start with a totally stock car, then maybe modify. I thought I had found a '19 in NY but it was already sold. That's a long way to go to buy a car. Today I found one in St. Louis, a '19, but it doesn't have Recaro seats. I'm considering going to a local dealer friend and placing an order for one. I'll just give him a list of my demands and wait for him to call. I'm looking for a '17 thru '19 coupe, Recaro seats, automatic, silver, blue or red obsession.
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